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The Bible

The Bible is God’s special revelation to us.  It is how we learn about Him and the salvation He offers.  While the Bible was written over the course of 4000 years by as many as 40 different authors, every bit of it was written under the inspiration and the authority of the Holy Spirit.[1]  Therefore, Scripture is completely trustworthy, without fault or error, and is our guide to living holy lives.



God is one God[2] existing in a triune nature of three persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.[3]  While all three are equally God, The Son and The Spirit live in submission to the Father.  The Son obeyed God unto death on a cross for the salvation of mankind and for the Father’s glory.[4]  The Spirit was sent to us from God[5] and He intercedes to the Father on our behalf.[6]  God is eternal.  He has always existed and will always exist.[7]  He is the creator of all things.  Nothing was created without Him and He created everything out of nothing.[8]  All of creation was created for Him and He is what keeps creation sustained.[9]  God is pure and holy.[10]  He is perfect.  He has no flaw.  He has never sinned,[11] nor will He ever.[12]  All purity and holiness is found in Him.  He is our standard for morality.



Jesus Christ is the Son of God.[13]  He is God[14] and He came down from heaven and took on flesh[15] being born of a virgin.[16]  He added to himself humanity without ceasing His divinity.[17]  He is the hope of mankind and His blood that was shed on the cross offered us the forgiveness of sin[18] and His resurrection gave us the hope of eternal life.[19]  Salvation is found in Him and Him alone.[20]  He is alive today and He reigns in heaven[21] until the time comes to call forth His Church to Him[22] and then later to ride out and establish His kingdom on earth vanquishing the Antichrist and his minions.[23]  Jesus will reign forever as King[24] and we will follow Him forever as His redeemed children,[25] servants,[26] co-heirs,[27] brothers,[28] and friends.[29]


Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been sent by God to dwell within us forever.[30]  He is our Helper[31] and our Intercessor.[32]  The Spirit dwelled upon Jesus and was the source of Jesus’ power.[33]  The Spirit is who gives the Church His gifts and power as well.[34]  As the Church, we seek out the guidance and help of the Spirit in order to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.[35]  The Spirit is our deposit guaranteeing eternal life and He will never leave us.[36] 


Mankind and Sin

Mankind was created in God’s own image.[37]  Man was originally created good and without sin.[38] However, due to Man’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden, we have all inherited a sinful nature and everyone is guilty of sin against God.[39]  Due to sin, we are deserving of God’s wrath[40] and on our own have no way of redeeming ourselves.[41]  Therefore, all mankind is in need of a Savior and all mankind needs atonement for their sin.  No man can be saved without forgiveness through Christ.[42]  All mankind will be subject to the judgment of God.[43]  Those who have placed their trust in Jesus will face no punishment.  They will be welcomed into the eternal kingdom of God Almighty.  Believers will not be judged for sin, but they will be judged and rewarded for their deeds on earth in service to God.[44]  Non-believers will face the wrath of God and they will suffer eternal punishment in the lake of fire that has been prepared for the devil and his angels as well.[45]  Someday sin and Satan will be defeated forever.[46]  Evil will never return.  Peace and righteousness will remain forever.[47]



Since we were unable to pay for our own sin, it was necessary for Jesus to become a man in order to live the life we couldn’t live and pay the price we couldn’t pay.  The sin of Adam brought judgment to all of us.  The righteous act of Jesus on the cross brings life to all who believe in Him.[48]  Jesus calls all people to repent of their sins and believe in Him.[49]  To those who believe in Him, He will never turn away.  All who trust in Him will be saved.  Salvation is not found in our works, it is only found through the grace of God by faith in Him.[50]  “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”[51]  Believers in Jesus are no longer guilty of their sin and have been declared righteous by God.[52]



Jesus commanded that all who believed in Him should be baptized in His name.[53]  While Christ never sinned, He was baptized as well as an example for all of us to follow.[54]  Baptism does not bring salvation.  Rather, it is done as a reaction to being saved.  In baptism we are publicly showing the world that we have died to our old nature (lowered under the water) and have risen with Jesus to a new life in Him (symbolized by rising back up out of the water.)  Baptism is done as an act of obedience to God.



Jesus also commanded that we regularly practice communion as a way of never forgetting the sacrifice He gave for our salvation. By partaking of the bread and juice, we are symbolically remembering that His body was broken and His blood was shed for us. [55]  Communion does not bring salvation.  Instead, it is done as an act of obedience for those who are saved.  Those who observe communion are to come before Jesus with a repentant and humble heart[56] and communion is open for all who believe in Him.


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