Steps to becoming a member of Coldbrook Christian Church


1.  Membership Class

This class is designed for showing the prospective members the history, beliefs, leadership structure, and mission of Coldbrook Christian Church.


2.  Believer’s Baptism

All who wish to become members of Coldbrook agree in being obedient to Christ’s command by being baptized through full immersion.  Transferring candidates will be accepted if they have been baptized according to a different church tradition.


3.  Agreement to Membership Promise

Those wishing to be members make a promise with Coldbrook that they are in agreement to the beliefs, vision, and leadership of our church.  Also, they agree to be an active member in attendance, giving, service, and biblical obedience.


4. Declaration Of Faith Before Congregation

All prospective members will make a public declaration that they believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and have come to Him in repentance for their sin.  After this declaration they will be welcomed joyfully into our church family as new members.


Membership Promise

At Coldbrook our membership promise is made between the church leadership and the individual member.  We believe in a membership promise so that there is accountability on both sides so that we can mutually benefit and build each other up.

As your leaders here at Coldbrook we promise:

- To faithfully teach and preach the truth of Jesus Christ for the purposes of His glory, our salvation, and our holiness as He makes us more like Him.

- To seek to meet the spiritual needs of our members through fellowship and prayer.

- To invest in and equip our members for God’s service by utilizing the gifts He has given them.

- To always look to the best interest of our church body and to lead faithfully in line with the words of Scripture and our constitution.

- To guard against false teaching and dissentions that would threaten the peace and unity of our congregation.

- To loving hold each other accountable so that sin is dealt with and God’s name is exalted.

- To lead as humble servants held under the same expectations of holiness as everyone else.

As a member you promise:

- To submit yourself to the Word of God as our final guide and authority on all issues.

- To respect and pray for our church leaders.

- To handle any conflict biblically and in submission to God’s Word.

- To regularly attend our church services.

- To regularly give financially with a cheerful and generous heart as an act of worship to God.

- To make use of the spiritual gifts that God has given you and serve our church according to those gifts in some capacity.

- To grow closer to Jesus by practicing spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, etc.

- To strive to live a life of holiness and good fruit while continually keeping with repentance.

By agreeing to this promise you are saying that you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the only way to heaven, the only sacrifice sufficient for your sin, you have acknowledged your sin, and you have repented of it.  Also, you are saying that you are in agreement with our statement of beliefs and our vision for our church.  We celebrate your decision to become part of our membership and we are happy to welcome you to our church family!


Wedding Policy  (Click To Download PDF)  

Education Grant Form  (Click To Download PDF)